Gitlab / Docker tricks

Recently some changes were made in the Gitlab / Gitlab-runner docker images, cause some issues, and I got below workaround:

1. Gitlab docker was listening on tcp port, but client can't connect to this port and telnet will also be closed immediately.

Solution: Add parameter hostname inthe docker start command, like:

(941) 363-6560

1. Install XCode & Macports

# sudo port install coreutils asciidoc bzip2 fastjar flex getopt gtk2 intltool
python26 rsync ruby sdcc unzip gettext libxslt bison gawk autoconf wget gmake ncurses e2fsprogs ossp-uuid gawk findutils
gnutar bzr binutils jikes zlib openssl p5-extutils-makemaker util-linux libutil-linux e2fsprogs osso-uuid

2. Using Disk Utility to create a sparse disk image with case sensitive (Format: Mac OS Extended (case-sensitive) ). Mount it by double click

3. Check out the source code

4. Modify makefile


This upgrade has been planned for a long time. But without the help of drush, it may take much longer.

When upgrade drupal from 6 to 7, most time is spending on download / config those modules / themes, drush can make those tasks in one or just several commands, this is why it can save a lot of time.

Basically I'm following below steps:


Official document:
Define spring bean:

<bean id="validator" class="org.springframework.validation.beanvalidation.LocalValidatorFactoryBean">
<property name="validationMessageSource" ref="messageSource" />